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Russia slams NATO military drill in Finland as ‘provocative’


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NATO’s military exercises in Finland in close proximity to Russia’s borders are “provocative,” the Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman said on Wednesday.

Maria Zakharova in a statement said the goal of the drill is “to exert military pressure on the Russian Federation by demonstrating force.”

“To justify their aggressive aspirations, representatives of the North Atlantic bloc purposefully escalate hysteria around the imaginary Russian ‘threat.’ Including actively spreading insinuations about certain plans of Russia to attack the member countries of the organization,” she said.

The diplomat said the maneuvers are “part of a hybrid war” against Russia, aimed at engaging a once neutral country, Finland, in NATO’s activities “as soon as possible.” Helsinki joined NATO last year, after Moscow’s war on Ukraine.

The drill near the borders of Russia increases the risks of possible military incidents, Zakharova warned.

“For our part, we are closely monitoring the aggressive actions of the ‘collective West.’ There is no doubt that all necessary political and military-technical measures will be taken to stop threats to our country’s defense capability,” the official stressed.

NATO exercises in Finland are scheduled to begin on Friday, and will take place in the immediate vicinity of the Russian border until May 14.

Commander Johan Skitt of the Finnish armored brigade earlier said the Arrow exercise aims to “enhance collaboration between the Finnish Defense Forces and NATO allies.” Troops will engage in offensive combat simulations and focus on honing their collective operational effectiveness.

Source: AA

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