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Denmark’s Novo Nordisk Invests €2.1 Billion in France


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Danish pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk has announced major investment in a French production site to expand the capacity and manufacturing of its blockbuster anti-obesity drug.

In a landmark move, Danish pharmaceutical giant Novo Nordisk is set to inject a substantial €2.1 billion into its existing facility in Chartres, heralding a strategic alliance with French President Emmanuel Macron.

The significant investment, slated to double the size of the Chartres site and create 500 jobs by 2028, underscores Macron’s push to restore France’s industrial prowess.

Novo Nordisk, commanding a market capitalisation of approximately $460 billion and currently holds the title of Europe’s most valuable company, is renowned for its anti-diabetes drugs, particularly the widely acclaimed anti-obesity medication, Wegovy.

The drug, marketed in key regions like the US, Denmark, Norway, and Germany, has demonstrated its efficacy in weight loss by stimulating insulin secretion and acting as a potent appetite suppressant.

Mutual benefit for Macron and Novo

The move comes amidst a global surge in demand for anti-obesity medication, with Goldman Sachs predicting the market could soar to $100 billion by 2030. Novo Nordisk, alongside rival Eli Lilly, is positioned as a dominant player in this burgeoning landscape.

The Danish company’s decision to expand its French operations aligns with a broader trend of foreign firms bolstering their presence in France, attributed to Macron’s proactive efforts to attract international industrial investment.

The French presidency lauded the Novo Nordisk deal as the most significant health sector investment during Macron’s tenure, coming on the heels of a €6.7 billion commitment from Asian firms for electric battery production and a €500 million investment by US pharma giant Pfizer.

“This significant investment announced today confirms the importance of our French manufacturing site, one of our strategic production sites, as a cornerstone of the growth we are experiencing as a company,” Lone Charlotte Larsen, corporate vice president of Novo Nordisk Production Chartres, said in a press release.

Beyond economic considerations, the Novo Nordisk investment holds promise for France’s pharmaceutical self-sufficiency.

The government’s eagerness to repatriate drug production follows recent shortages, including essential antibiotics and pain relievers, prompting a renewed focus on bolstering domestic pharmaceutical capabilities.

Novo Nordisk’s expansion plans in France are part of a broader global initiative, with the company already earmarking $6.1 billion for facility expansions in Denmark.

The Chartres facility will predominantly focus on the production of diabetes drugs, cartridges and vials, reinforcing Novo Nordisk’s commitment to meeting the rising demand for vital medications.

Looking ahead, Novo Nordisk anticipates obtaining regulatory approval to market Wegovy as an anti-obesity drug in France next year, further solidifying its position in the dynamic pharmaceutical landscape.

As Macron inaugurates this transformative investment, the Novo Nordisk collaboration stands as a testament to France’s evolving industrial narrative and its role in shaping the future of healthcare innovation.

Source: Euronews

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