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The National Museum of Finland Offers a 48-hour Museum Experience Before Closure


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The National Museum of Finland (Kansallismuseo) will temporarily close its doors on October 16th for a comprehensive renovation and expansion project. Before bidding farewell to its visitors, the museum is extending an invitation for one last memorable visit. During the museum’s final opening weekend from October 13th to 15th, 2023, visitors will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in an uninterrupted 48-hour museum experience, complete with the option to spend the night.

The National Museum’s last opening weekend, aptly named “Kansallismuseo 48H,” offers a unique and extended museum experience.

“During the weekend, you can spend the night in the museum, wander through dimly lit exhibition halls, climb to the top of the museum’s tower for a nighttime visit, witness a solo dance performance in the exhibition hall, drop by the Silent Disco, and even take a dip in the museum’s courtyard sauna village, which will be built on Saturday and Sunday,” explains Liisa Lohtander, the Intendent of the National Museum. Until the final weekend, the National Museum will remain open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 AM to 6 PM.

While the National Museum will be temporarily closed, the activities of the Finnish National Museum will continue as usual in its other nine locations.

Aside from free admission to exhibitions and events, there will also be unique paid museum experiences. The weekend kicks off on October 13th, 2023, as the National Museum’s changing exhibition spaces transform into the Sober Furious club, featuring DJ Orkidea, providing a club experience without alcohol.

Throughout the weekend, all of the museum’s exhibitions will be open to the public. There will be paid special guided tours, including appearances by author Juha Hurme, sign language media personality and social influencer Miguel Peltomaa, political journalist Robert Sundman, journalist-author Regina Rask, ghost story authors Karolina Kouvolaand Vanessa Kairulahti, and Mirva Saukkola, Editor-in-Chief of Antique and Design magazine, who will present their favorite parts of the museum.

In collaboration with the artist collective 00100ENSEMBLE, the National Museum presents “Hiljennetyt huoneet – Still life,” an immersive history experience based on facts. This unique experience adapts to each visitor and utilizes professional performers, set design, sound, light, and sensor technology.

Visitors can enjoy brunch in the museum’s restaurant in the morning or savor an inspired dinner from the museum’s menu. The museum shop will also be open for the 48-hour event.

For the younger audience, the National Museum offers special programs during the weekend, including a museum tour with Tatun and Patun, where the duo introduces their favorite spots in the museum.

Additionally, children can design and build a new museum and city from white architectural LEGOs at the workshop by the Children and Youth Architecture School Arkki.

The Children’s Playtime area will be open throughout the weekend, filled with various activities. Visitors can also experience the virtual reality game “Ingeborg Tott,” immersing themselves in the world of Ingeborg Tott, the leader of Häme Castle in the 1500s.

For more information about the Kansallismuseo 48H weekend, visit the National Museum’s website.

Ticket sales for paid events are now open. These include the Sober Furious club, nighttime ascents to the museum tower, Night at the National Museum, special guided tours, “Hiljennetyt huoneet – Still life: Immersive History Experience,” and the Kristina Regina dance performance.

Free museum experiences during the weekend include access to the National Museum’s exhibitions, Silent Disco, sauna sessions in the Sauna Village, Tatun and Patun museum tours, Children’s Playtime, and the “Ingeborg Tott” virtual reality game.

The National Museum of Finland is undergoing its largest-ever construction project, designed to meet future needs. The expansion project will add about one-third more exhibition space, a restaurant, and other public areas, with most of the new section located underground. While part of the museum’s courtyard will be affected by the construction work, restoring and renovating the green courtyard is an essential part of the project. Senaatti Oy is responsible for the construction project, with the new museum complex estimated to open to the public in spring 2027.

Source: Helsinki Times

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