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Did You Know That Norwegians Use the Word “Texas” as Slang to Mean “crazy?”


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If you ever visit Norway and tell a local that you’re from Texas, don’t be offended It they start chuckling to themselves.

Apparently, in Norway, the word “Texas” is used as a slang word meaning “crazy!”

According to Texas Monthly, usually when the word “texas”(without capitalization) is used, it regularly involves the phrase, “det var helt texas,” which translates to “it was totally/absolutely/completely bonkers.”

More often than not it’s not used to describe a crazy person, but more a chaotic atmosphere event.

A Norwegian Tumblr user explained how the phrase came to be in a post writing:

The expression itself has to do with associations. It’s something that brings to mind chaotic, crazy conditions, like the “wild west,” and at least back when the expression was coined, the “wild west” held very strong Texas associations. Hell, even when I was a kid in the 80s, I thought that all American cowboys came from Texas, and that’s just how it was. Texas = land of the cowboys. And rodeos. And the wild west. A Western movie? Probably from Texas.  

Source: Audacy

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