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Attacks can be not only military in nature. Tokayev appealed to the armed forces


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Supreme Commander-in-Chief Kassym-Jomart Tokayev addressed the military personnel. The head of state highly appreciated the level of preparedness of the units involved. The President noted the importance of conducting such military exercises in a difficult geopolitical situation.

“Today, large-scale changes are taking place in the global defense system. Modern methods and techniques of warfare, especially hybrid types of warfare, are becoming increasingly widespread. Attacks can be not only military, but also informational, psychological, political, economic and other in nature. Therefore, the Armed Forces the forces of Kazakhstan must be ready for any challenges. This is the main requirement for a modern professional army. We have only one Motherland – Kazakhstan! Ensuring the security and protection of our country, land and citizens is our common sacred duty,” said Kassym-Jomart Tokayev.

According to the Head of State, our army must be highly professional, mobile and ready to carry out the most complex combat missions.

“To do this, it is fundamentally important to equip it with high-tech weapons and high-quality military equipment, to fully provide it with ammunition. In my recent Address, I set a priority task: to create a production cycle with a high degree of localization. Armored vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, modern small arms – we are all that “We can and must produce them here, in our country. In general, the defense-industrial complex must provide a reliable foundation for the combat effectiveness of our army,” the President emphasized.

As Kassym-Jomart Tokayev noted, the main factors in the effectiveness of the Armed Forces are combat training and the morale of officers and personnel

“Increased demands are placed on the training of troops and the professionalism of commanders. Therefore, in the conditions of modern combat, units should be ready to act autonomously, in isolation from the main forces. Commanders and superiors must be decisive, show reasonable initiative, creatively approach the solution of assigned tasks, embody a model of courage, perseverance and loyalty to the oath, to be an impeccable example to follow. The strength of the army is in discipline! And here the role of commanders is paramount. It is necessary to maintain a high level of training, coherence and strict order in the Armed Forces. Each soldier must perfectly master the weapons entrusted to him and equipment, skillfully use them in battle, show determination, courage and bravery,” the President concluded.

During the military exercises “Batyl Toytarys-2023”, the readiness of state and military authorities to carry out a defensive operation was tested. The decisions taken at headquarters at all levels were implemented by the troops in full.

8 thousand military personnel and 600 units of weapons and military equipment were involved in the exercises.

Source: Islamabad Post

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