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Number of Kids Poisoned by School Lunch Climbs to 600 as Authorities Investigate Source


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The number of students and staff affected by food poisoning symptoms after eating school lunches in the city of Mikkeli last week has climbed above 600.

The source of the poisoning initially appeared to be vegetable-filled tortillas which were prepared in the city’s central kitchen and distributed to schools around Mikkeli on Wednesday.

However, a City of Mikkeli press release has cast doubt on this, saying that the source is unlikely to have been either the central kitchen or the kitchens of each of the individual schools.

The Finnish Food Authority has begun analysing samples of various foods and raw materials in an effort to determine the cause of the outbreak, with lab results expected to become available later this week.

City authorities sent out a questionnaire to assess the scale of the poisoning, and as of Monday morning had received over 4,000 responses.

Students have reported symptoms ranging from stomach aches to vomiting, headaches, diarrhea, and muscle or joint pain. Staff members say they have also experienced symptoms including fever and muscle or joint pain.

One pupil and one member of staff have also reported finding blood in their stool.

Source: Yle

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