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Tyto Expands to Sweden to Support Nordic Technology Clients


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The pan-European agency has appointed start-up PR specialist Axel von Arnold to grow its work for the Nordic technology community.

European PR and communications agency Tyto has expanded into the Nordics and appointed a new leader in Sweden to support the region’s technology industry.

Tyto has hired start-up PR specialist Axel von Arnold (pictured, right), who has worked at various agencies in Sweden with brands including Disney, Meltwater and Signify, as a senior consultant to focus on the Nordic region, working alongside Tyto senior partners Silke Rossmann and Florian Hohenauer.

The agency’s expansion into Sweden follows growing demand from Sweden’s tech community for support across Europe. Tyto already represents several clients in the Nordic region including Remote, Immuta and Billwerk. The agency already covers the UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, and the Netherlands.

Tyto CEO Brendon Craigie (pictured, left) told PRovoke Media the agency’s Nordic operation could grow to around 20% of its total business: “We built our business on the concept of ‘PR without borders’ and reimagining what a pan-European agency looks like. We’ve always had an eye on the Nordics – modern technology companies are born there and they are global companies from day one.

“Sweden is one of the top five countries in Europe for productions of tech unicorns and there is a huge amount of innovation, so we’re looking to be a partner to companies in Sweden who want to build their business and reputations across Europe more efficiently than with a traditional network PR model.”

Of von Arnold’s appointment, Craigie said: “Axel is the perfect choice to spearhead the move – he’s very connected with stakeholder groups, technology, media and politics. He told me Swedes are citizens of the world and think of themselves as international. So we are kindred spirits as a company: we’re internationally-minded, with experts in different markets but operating as one.”

Rossmann (pictured, centre) added: “Stockholm is one of the most vibrant tech hubs in the world. It’s essential that companies in Sweden and other parts of the Nordics have a PR and communications partner who can support them with their international growth. Tyto is investing in the region because we are uniquely placed to be the go-to partner for fast growing companies in the region.”

Von Arnold kicked off his new role by representing Tyto at Sweden’s annual Almedalen Week, which attracts the country’s industry leaders, politicians and influential decision makers.

He said: “The market for international PR out of Sweden is fragmented and disconnected. Swedish brands must either build their own network of boutique agencies, or they must work with a global partner that is not optimised for agile and fast growing businesses. Tyto addresses an unmet need with its efficient and agile PRWithoutBorders model. I’m excited about helping to build its business in the region.”

Source : Provoke Media

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