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Kaili Remains in the Cell!


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Eva Kaili and Mark Tarabella, who are involved in the Qatar-gate case, will remain in prison.

The Supreme Court of Appeal of Belgium on Wednesday again rejected the appeal of the former vice-president of the European Parliament against the decision of her pre-trial detention, in the context of the Belgian authorities’ investigation into the Qatar-gate scandal. He adopted the same decision for Mark Tarabella.

As the Belgian newspaper “Le Soir” reports, Eva Kaili’s side did not present any new arguments before the court, unlike Marc Tarabella, who presented four new ones. However, the decision of the court was common in both cases.

It is recalled that Eva Kaili was arrested on December 11 and has been in prison ever since for the corruption scandal that is rocking the European Parliament. Her partner and father of her child, Francesco Giorgi, was also arrested for the same case, but he was later released with a bracelet.

On March 3, the Court of Appeal decided to extend the detention of both Kaili and Tarabela, confirming the earlier decision of the pre-trial council. Both had appealed against this decision. It is recalled that Eva Kaili has also appealed to the European Court of Justice for the case of lifting her immunity.

As its lawyer Spyros Pappas had mentioned, he filed an appeal at the general court of the EU. against the decision of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office to request the lifting of the immunity of MEP Eva Kaili, claiming that it was illegal because none of the conditions for such a move were met.

Source : Archyde

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