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The occupiers have become active again in the Kharkiv region: current maps of battles


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Ukrainian tankers are ready to destroy the enemy around the clock - which is what they do, in fact
Ukrainian tankers are ready to destroy the enemy around the clock – which is what they do, in fact. Photo of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

The Russian invaders were ordered to take Bakhmut by the anniversary of the invasion of Ukraine, but this is hardly possible

Representatives of the occupying army are trying to advance in the Donbass, receiving support from combat aircraft. With the help of massive missile strikes, the Russians are trying to divert attention in order to make ground breakthroughs. In particular, the enemy received partial success near Svatovoe and Kremennaya, and also strengthened reconnaissance in the Kherson region along the banks of the Dnieper.

This is reported in a fresh analysis from the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) . As experts emphasize, the Kremlin is still focusing its main efforts on the eastern direction, being most of all interested in establishing full control over the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Also, the invaders again became more active on the borders of the Kharkiv region.

According to some reports, the Russians could advance in several villages of the Kharkiv region, fighting in the Svatovoe region (Luhansk region) – at a distance of 50+ km. In addition, the enemy is probably preparing to attack in another direction.

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East of Ukraine

During February 16, the areas near Svatovoe became a rather turbulent segment of the front. According to the Ukrainian Center for Defense Strategies, the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to successfully repel an enemy offensive near Gryanikovka, and skirmishes near Sinkovka also continued. At the same time, it is the Russians who have some successes in the nearest settlements of the Kharkiv region (border): they allegedly entered Liman Pervy, advanced near Sinkovka and Masyutovka. To what extent these data correspond to reality is now difficult to verify.

Ground attack attempts continue near Kremennaya. The General Staff noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to fight off the invaders near Belogorovka and in the area of ​​the Serebryansky forest. Combat operations were also carried out in the area of ​​Kremennaya itself. It is believed that the Russians are preparing for a large-scale offensive both near Kremennaya and near Kupyansk.

Bakhmut remains the hot spot of the front. Over the past day, Ukrainian defenders managed to repel attacks on Bakhmut, as well as the settlements of Fedorovka and Dilievka. The Armed Forces of Ukraine also struck Russian positions in Paraskoveevka, which indicates a preliminary insignificant advance of the invaders in the northeast of Bakhmut. The “Wagnerites”, who are the most in this area, continue to work to cut off all logistics for the Ukrainian army, but so far without success.

Map of battles in the Donetsk region 17.02
Map of battles in the Donetsk region 17.02

Also, the Russian military invariably shell the area near Avdiivka and the suburbs of Donetsk. Ukrainian soldiers managed to repel attacks near Avdeevka, Pervomaisky, Vodyany, Maryinka and Novomikhailovka. The occupiers continue their attempts to attack Ugledar, as well as near Prechistovka and Novoselka. The enemy generously “seasons” his advance with artillery fire.Read also:

Russians wipe Donbass off the face of the earth: how the destroyed high-rise building in Kramatorsk looks today (photo, video)

South of Ukraine

Over the past day in the south, in particular in the Kherson region, hostile intelligence has intensified. The Russians are increasingly sending their saboteurs to the banks of the Dnieper to conduct regular surveillance of the movements of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. At the same time, they do not forget to claim that they are allegedly successfully liquidating Ukrainian DRGs. Recently, they even announced the destruction of a Ukrainian floating craft, but our General Staff did not provide any confirmation of this information.

Map of battles in the Kherson region 17.02
Map of battles in the Kherson region 17.02

It is worth recalling that the past day has become difficult for the occupiers, in particular in the occupied Crimea. Local Gauleiters reported Ukrainian UAV attacks and numerous explosions. In all likelihood, the Ukrainian military has worked out several important points regarding military logistics and storage areas for enemy weapons and ammunition. In particular, powerful explosions were reported in the area of ​​Armyansk.

On the mainland of southern Ukraine, unfortunately, regular shelling from the Russians continues. Kherson and Gulyaipole are seriously affected, and strikes are also made on individual settlements in the Kherson and Dnepropetrovsk regions.

Map of battles in the Zaporozhye region 17.02
Map of battles in the Zaporozhye region 17.02

War – Day 359: Armed Forces of Ukraine hold back the attacks of the occupiers, the Russians shell the cities

Earlier “Telegraph” told the details of the last serious shelling of Bakhmut . Unfortunately, there were no human casualties among the civilian population.

We also wrote that for all their cruelty and readiness to sacrifice their brothers, the fighters of the PKK “Wagner” begin to complain about the poor conditions they face during the war in Ukraine.

Source: Telegraf

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