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Ukraine: On video the destruction of a thermobaric bomb – Removes oxygen from the lungs


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Ukraine: On video the destruction of a thermobaric bomb - Removes oxygen from the lungs
Thermobaric weapons can cause massive loss of human lifeScreen Grab / YouTube

The neutralization by Ukrainian forces of a thermobaric weapon used by Putin to cause huge losses on the front line.

This weapon, banned by the Geneva Convention, can, when detonated, remove oxygen from human lungs.

Ukraine strikes devastating Russian weapon

These weapons can turn cities into ruins and will cause a huge loss of human life.

Thermobaric bombs contain a highly explosive mixture of fuel and chemicals and emit ultrasonic blast waves that can blow apart anything in their path.

thermobaric weapon , also known as an aerosol bomb or air-fueled explosive or vacuum bomb , is a type of explosive that uses oxygen from the surrounding air to create a high-temperature explosion. In practice, the shock wave typically produced by these weapons lasts significantly longer than that of a conventional compact explosive. This can be launched as a missile or dropped from an airplane as a bomb. The initial explosive charge is detonated as it hits its target, opening the canister and dispersing the fuel mixture as a cloud. The fuel-air explosive is one of the best known types of thermobaric weapons.

Last March, Oksana Markarova, Ukraine’s ambassador to the US, accused Russia of using them, while such were also seen near Mariupol. Their possible use had caused fears of a serious escalation of Russian aggression with unpredictable consequences, as it is a barbaric lethal weapon against human targets, a step ahead of nuclear weapons.

Britain: Russia admits to using thermobaric weapons

Last March, the Russian Ministry of Defense admitted that it uses the TOS-1A weapon system capable of launching thermobaric bombs in Ukraine , the British Ministry of Defense said in a tweet.

Thermobaric bombs are expressly prohibited by the Geneva Convention and their use is considered a “war crime”.

According to the Guardian and the Reuters agency, they have been used in the past by both Russians and Westerners, with the US hitting the mountains where al-Qaeda terrorists were hiding in Afghanistan with thermobaric weapons.

Dr. Marcus Hellier, an analyst at the Australian Strategic Policy Institute, reports to the British Guardian newspaper that Russia has all kinds of weapons systems and adds that “the pro-Russian separatists in Donbas have been using such weapons for years.”

In 2000, Russia was accused of using thermobaric weapons against Chechen separatists.

Source: CNN

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