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Because of the war in Ukraine there are more and more poor people in the world


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Because of the war in Ukraine there are more and more poor people in the world
Ukraine: the consequences of a war are never isolated. 

A war that seems to have no end is dragging millions of people around the world into poverty: due to the increase in energy prices caused by the conflict between Russia and Ukraine there will be a new leap in extreme poverty, which could involve the 78 and 141 million people in every part of the planet.

CONCRETE REPERCUSSIONS. The energy price increases linked to the invasion of Ukraine, the sanctions and the blackmail on gas from Russia are affecting household budgets in many direct or indirect ways – from increases in bills to expensive transport, to rising food prices. A study published in Nature Energy calculated that the war will lead to an increase in energy costs borne by consumers of between 62.6% and 112.9%, and an increase between 2.7% and 4, 8% of family expenses for the cost of living.

GEOGRAPHICAL DIFFERENCES. An international team of scientists from the Universities of Birmingham (UK), Groningen (Netherlands) and Maryland (USA), in collaboration with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, has calculated how additional energy costs are changing supported by families than before the invasion of Ukraine.

The analysis was conducted for 116 countries and important differences emerged between one and the other, due both to the different consumption patterns and to the level of dependence of the various nations on fossil fuels . Since Russia is a major exporter of oil and natural gas, countries that are heavily dependent on these energy sources are grappling with supply problems and unsustainable import costs.

FOR THE POOR IT GETS WORSE AND WORSE. “Because of the unequal distribution of income, rising energy prices will impact households in very different ways. The unaffordability of energy prices and other necessities will push already vulnerable populations into energy poverty and even extreme poverty,” explains Yuli Shan, one of the authors of the study. Households in sub-Saharan African countries will be hardest hit by price increases.

Globally, the wealthiest groups of people will face rising energy costs for unnecessary and high value-added goods and services, while the poorest groups will notice the increases especially in providing for daily needs such as food and direct costs for domestic electricity and heating.

IS THIS THE FUTURE WE WANT? “In the poorest countries , the rising cost of living undermines hard-won progress in accessing energy and fighting poverty,” comments Klaus Hubacek, co-author.

And if in the short term it is necessary to find policies to guarantee access to energy and other basic needs, at the same time it is necessary to ensure that the more substantial interventions are in line with the strategies for mitigating the climate crisis and sustainable development . “This unprecedented global crisis is a reminder that an energy system highly dependent on fossil fuels only perpetuates energy security risks and accelerates the climate crisis .”

Source: Focus

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